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QuikChow Online Ordering

Quikchow is powered by EDC online ordering software and is the branded solution available to any restaurant that uses Clover and is now available in the Clover App market. If you have a Clover POS or even just a Clover Mini for credit card processing we can now send the orders directly there. Orders will go straight to your POS or Mini and will automatically print out in the kitchen. No more time spent on the phone and no time spent processing payments just make the food! And all the same great EDC benefits are there:

Fast, mobile ordering from any device
- Advance Orders Customers can place orders 24/7
Order Recall Customers can reorder with a few clicks
- Customized App with your restaurant logo
- Build Database Capture vital customer information
-Loyalty Program Track your customers spending and awards points and rewards to repeat customers

To get started today we offer two plans:

Complete Web Site Solution This is designed for restaurants that have no web site OR want a new mobile web site with an App for phone orders. To sign up for this plan Click the link below

quickchow online ordering form a.pdf

Online Ordering Only This is designed for restaurants that already have a web site that they want to keep but it does not offer online ordering. Here we just work with your web programmer and link our system directly into your web site. To sign up for this plan Click the link below

quikchow online ordering form.pdf

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